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What A Strong Marriage Means To Your Kids

The best marriage advice you can follow is to make your partner a priority. Also, to teach your children by example how to have a healthy relationship.

Simply put: a strong and happy marriage is not only good for your emotional well-being, it’s also good for your children.

A strong marriage teaches your children many lessons. It has an impact not only on their romantic future and treatment of others, but also on their social life, educational pursuits and socioeconomic level.

These are some serious reasons to put your marriage first and set a fine example of love in front of your children.

Here are seven ways a strong marriage is the healthiest thing you can give your children.

  1. Teaches Communication

Sharing in regular open and honest communication is the best marriage advice for a long-lasting union. When you and your spouse talk regularly, you strengthen your marriage.

You show your children the importance of listening and voicing one’s thoughts and opinions respectfully. You can practice and teach good communication and strengthen your marriage by giving your partner:

  • Your undivided attention (that’s right, no smartphones!),
  • Making eye contact,
  • Using “I” statements instead of “you”,
  • Using open-ended questions,
  • Staying focused and attentive, and
  • Keeping the conversation flowing.
  1. Children Less Likely to Live in Poverty

One way a strong marriage can benefit your children is financial stability.

Children in single-parent families are more likely to live in poverty.

This can have a negative impact on their socioeconomic upbringings and make them less likely to attend college or university. This can lead to decreased feelings of self-worth and depression.

On the other hand, bringing your children up in a strong married household gives them a sense of stability. Their emotional needs be met by two caring parents.

Also, your children are assured they’ll be able to pursue higher education and strive for a better job due to the financial stability at home.

  1. Teaching the Importance of Fighting Fair

Some of the best marriage advice will tell you not to argue in front of your children. This is true.

You don’t want to get into heavy topics in front of your little ones. However, small disagreements in front of your stepchildren can be used as a teaching tool for fighting fair.

Showing your spouse respect and giving them a listening ear during a disagreement shows excellent communication skills. Always remember to use the argument as a chance to attack the problem at hand, not one another.

This means no name calling or character assassination.

Developmental psychologist E. Mark Cummings reports when children see parents resolve a conflict, they become happier than they were before the witnessed the argument.

The reason? It reassures them you can work through your problems and come out stronger on the other end.

This also teaches children down the line that disagreements are normal and that one little argument doesn’t signal the end of their own adult relationships.

  1. Best Marriage Advice about Spending Time Alone

One piece of marriage advice you will want to talk about is to spend time alone together. As a stepfather, you don’t want your partner’s children to think you’re taking their mother away from them.

That said, they’ll soon see the more time you spend alone with their mother, strengthening your marriage, the healthier their home life will feel.

These date nights are important because it gives you and your spouse the proper time to be alone together, to reconnect, communicate and have fun together. It reminds each of you you’re a priority to the other.

When you and your spouse set aside a weekly “date night” or “alone time” martial satisfaction increases.

Couples also report higher rates of sexual satisfaction, more excitement in the relationships and stronger bonds.

  1. Strong Marriage Better for Mental Health

The way you behave in your marriage can have a direct effect on your child’s future mental health. For example, if you have a destructive, full-on conflict marriage, your children will be more likely to perform such actions as withdrawing, capitulating or walking out in their own adult romantic pursuits.

Chronic stress during childhood can lead to decreased physical and mental health. Anxiety, depression, alcohol or drug dependency, teenage pregnancy and sluggish academic pursuits. On the other hand, a strong marriage will help your children to feel safe and secure in their home life and produce happy, successful adults.

  1. Greatest Example of Love

Your example of love and devotion is important to your children. It’s the standard they will carry for their adult relationships.

This makes it all the more important to teach them what a strong, happy marriage is all about.

If you show your children your spouse is not a priority to you, they will go on believing that marriage is not important and not something that needs time or attention. By giving your marriage your all, you will teach your stepchildren that you honor their mom (your spouse) and you stress that importance of security and love in a family.

  1. Teaching Appreciation

Some of the best marriage advice revolves around showing your partner regular appreciation.

Reminding your partner you value them through compliments and non-sexual physical affection can improve marital happiness.

Often it is these little things, such as saying “Thank you” or “I love you” on a daily basis that can bring the most happiness in marriage.

When your children see you expressing appreciation for one another they’re reminded showing your partner they are loved, special, important and you aren’t afraid to be selfless by putting the spotlight on your spouse.

Some of the best marriage advice you can follow is to cultivate a strong marriage. Your relationship with your spouse sets the greatest model of love for your children.

Spend time focusing on your marriage to make sure you’re setting a fine example.

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