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Seven Ways to Motivate Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Tooth brushing isn’t a habit that comes easily to all children, or even most children for that matter. So, if you struggle with getting your child to brush their teeth each day, know you’re not alone.

Alligator Dentist, a pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, helped us put together this list of ways you can help motivate your child to brush their teeth.

  1. Fun Toothbrush

Take your child shopping to pick out a new fun toothbrush. They’ll be more invested in the process knowing they picked out this toothbrush.

Everything is more fun with bright colors, favorite characters and fun shapes. It’s also recommended toothbrushes be replaced every three months.

So when it’s time for a new toothbrush again, let your child come along to pick theirs out.

  1. Music

What’s your child’s favorite song? Pick a song to play each morning and night when it’s toothbrushing time. Let your child sing and dance along while they brush their teeth for the duration of the song.

This adds a little more fun to an otherwise tedious and boring task. You could even get a toothbrush that plays a song while your child brushes their teeth.

  1. Reward

Implement a reward system for your child when they brush their teeth. You could put up a chart in the bathroom with a calendar on it.

Choose a timeframe, a week or a month, for your child to brush their teeth every morning and night. Each time they brush their teeth they can put a sticker on the chart, and then when they reach their goal you can reward them with a new toy or game, or whatever you decide with your child.

  1. Example

Be an example to your child. Children are always imitating the behavior of those around them, especially that of their parents.

Take the time to brush your teeth with your children each morning and night (you need it too), and that will show them how important it is. If your children want to be just like mom or dad, show them exactly what you do to be the awesome person you are.

  1. Teach

Many children just don’t understand why they need to do this extra “chore” every day. Take some time to teach your children why it’s important to brush their teeth. If they understand they could get cavities that cause pain in their mouth or if they don’t want to go to the dentist as often, they might be more willing to brush their teeth.

  1. Reminders

More often than not, children are simply forgetful. They don’t remember they need to brush their teeth before school in the morning and before they go to bed at night. As their parent, giving them a simple reminder could be all the motivation they need to get in the bathroom and brush their teeth.

  1. Game

Make a game out of it. If you have more than one child, you could make a “tooth race” to see who can get their teeth the cleanest. Other possible games could be “count the teeth” or “tickle the teeth.” Make a contest. Do anything that could make teeth brushing just a little more fun for your child.

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