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home family projects - stepdad and daughter painting the home exterior

Five Great Home Family Projects

No matter how hard you try it’s virtually inevitable your home will need some attention above the standard maintenance. This is because it stands firm in all seasons and weather.

Unfortunately, fixing some of these issues can be time consuming and costly. Instead of getting the professionals in every time it’s worth considering completing the work yourself and involve your family too!

  1. Protect The Exterior

If your home is rendered then it will start to get dirty over time and you’re unlikely to get it completely clean again, especially if the surface is stipulated. This means repainting your home every year.

However, there’s an alternative. You can use polyurethane coating to transform the look of your building.

This is usually provided in panel form with instructions regarding how to install it. You’ll also find there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from and an excellent support line to help if you have any problems.

This type of exterior coating can protect your home from moisture ingress, make it look better and help to keep the heat in!

  1. Feature Walls

You can revitalize a tired room or bring a child’s bedroom up to date by changing the color of the walls. Although removing the old paint can be fun, you should consider using wallpaper.

There are now hundreds of different styles available. Whether you are looking for teenage fun, sophisticated chic or simply want to make a statement, wall paper can be the answer you are looking for.

It’s also easy to involve everyone in the family to help.

  1. Lighting

Another great way to transform the look and feel of your home is to look at the lighting. Down lights are a great idea but not always effective. If you have down lights you should consider some extra lighting.

One of the best alternatives which can be easily installed with a little help from your family is track lighting. This will allow you to direct light exactly where it needs to be in each room.

In fact, some of the best tracking systems can be used to replace your existing pendant and still allow you a pendant light as well as an array of spotlights!  All instructions arrive with these and you should be able to install them without professional help.

  1. Kitchen Remodel

A full scale kitchen remodel is expensive, time consuming and you will probably need professional help. However, you can replace worktops and doors easily.

Add a fresh coat of paint and you have a new kitchen. The best part is your whole family can help and the job will be completed in no time!

  1. Painting

Perhaps the most obvious home project for the entire family is repainting the home. Every member of the family can be involved in choosing the right colors and getting them on the walls.

Providing you use protective sheets the children will be able to use brushes, rollers or pads as effectively as you can!

There are many other projects at home which can be completed as a family; all you need to do is look at what needs doing first.

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