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Is It Time To Get A New Mattress?

Most of us are clueless regarding the life of a mattress and when we should replace it. Some people even think they can take the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty as an indicator.

Usually, most people tend to keep on using their mattresses far longer than they ideally should without even realizing the potential for damage to their health.

Here are some important signs that will tell you when to start looking for a new mattress:

You Don’t Feel Adequately Rested In the Morning

Ideally, you should wake up in the morning completely relaxed and refreshed. However, despite getting your full quota of sleep, you may still feel tired after waking up and the feeling of drowsiness persists during the day.

The lack of good quality sleep may be due to an old, uncomfortable mattress. A mattress that has you tossing and turning too much in the quest for a comfortable sleeping position that’s no longer possible with your aged mattress.

You Wake Up With Back Pain and Body Soreness

You may be also experiencing stiffness of the body and pain in the lower back. This is likely to happen when your mattress is no longer able to provide you with the right amount of support due to its age.

The soft layer on the mattress surface may have also have become compressed leading to the creation of pressure points on your body resulting in discomfort. Due to the loss of compression, the mid-section of the mattress may have sagged leading to a sleep posture tthat’s not conducive to good quality rest.

Stressed out shoulders, neck and back may cause you to toss and turn during the night. Waking up with pain in the back and neck that goes away with the passage of time is a clear indicator your mattress can no longer give proper support.

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You Suffer from Increasing Allergies and Rashes

Mattresses are happy hunting grounds for both dust mites and bed bugs. Dust mites thrive on the dead skin cells and hair you shed while sleeping and can cause severe respiratory problems.

Typically, they are found more in cotton and other organic materials used in the mattress, while occurring far less in mattresses made from latex or memory foam.

Typically, they are found more in cotton and other organic materials used in the mattress, while occurring far less in mattresses made from latex or memory foam.

It may help to use a mattress and pillow covers you can clean regularly. However, at one point you may find the buildup so heavy that replacing the mattress is your only option.

If you have a bed bug infestation, then the only feasible way of getting relief from their bites and rashes is to buy a new mattress.

You may be hesitant to replace your mattress because buying a new one can usually be very expensive. However, since there can be very severe consequences to your psychological health due to poor quality sleep and bodily afflictions due to a poor sleeping position, it is often better to take a hard look after every 8 years or so, and replace your mattress

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