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Cars.com Car Seat Checks

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When buying a car, we evaluate many different aspects like its make, model, color, gas mileage and number of passengers carried, etc. 

If you have young children, the car’s ability to securely accommodate a car seat must be the most scrutinized aspect of the car.

Why?  Because according to a survey report, every 33 seconds a child under 13 years-old becomes a victim of a car crash due to poor car seat safety.

Getting a car seat safety check will ensure your child’s safety during an accident. Fortunately, Cars.com has already done the work for you.

Cars.com has three certified child passenger safety technicians who evaluate and write their Car Seat Checks. The technicians check the vehicle’s ability to accommodate different car seat brands.

The technicians have evaluated and written checks on numerous vehicles so more than likely there’s already one for your car. Get peace of mind by knowing your child is secure in their car seat and they will be protected in a car accident.

Latch System

The technicians conduct hands-on tests of a car’s Latch system. Latch stands for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children.

The Latch system makes it easier to correctly install car seats and test its user-friendliness. With the latch system, car seats are immobile.

Cars built after September 2002 are required by the federal government to have a Latch system. A Latch system usually consists of two sets of lower Latch and three top tether anchors. 

Some cars, like convertibles, don’t have tether anchors. Two-seat sports cars skip the Latch system altogether since they don’t have a backseat.

A seat belt anchors the car seat when the Latch system is too difficult to use.


Cars.com is the buyer’s ally equipping you with the vehicle information needed to make an informed purchase. Your children’s safety is your utmost priority and you can ensure it through the car seat check.

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