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Staying Close To Your Teenage Son

How to Stay Close to Your Teenage Son

No dad with a son ever felt parenting would be easy during the teenage years. Still, until your son becomes a teen it’s tempting to believe you’ll be immune from behavior problems.

Your son will always:

  • Speak respectfully to you, mom and other adults in authority,
  • Come home before curfew,
  • Never talk back and
  • Be totally responsible.


Teenage boys are basically programmed to butt heads with their dads. Liken it to the young prince vying for the king’s throne.

The average teenage boy goes through a rebellious period where they push the limits of the father and son relationship. It’s nothing personal just something that comes with the teenage years.

The son desires more freedom and to be treated like an adult usually without the responsibility and accountability. The father is reluctant to let go of his fathering role and accept his son becoming a young man.

The son’s interest change during the teen years. The son isn’t interested in nurturing the strained relationship.

However, it’s possible to renew and sustain the relationship. Here’s more on the father and son relationship.

Develop Interest in Your Son’s Life

Don’t shut the door to sustaining a relationship with your son or shunning their new interest. As a teen, your son is developing interests outside the father and son relationship.

Think girls!  For example, you and your son might have shared a special interest in baseball.

Now, the son would rather go skateboarding, play video games with his buddies or spend time with his girlfriend. At this stage, you should develop a genuine interest in skateboarding or even video games.

Ask questions about his interest. Even participate, if possible.

This is a way to keep the communication lines open.

Accept Your Son is Growing Up

Your son is growing up and becoming a man. Although he doesn’t fully understand what this means, he will in time.

Many fathers are reluctant to accept their son is maturing into a man. The father has to accept this fact.

Their roles are going to change. However, the young man is still his child.

It’s important for you [the father] to start talking to your son like an adult. Take your son’s personal concerns and interest seriously.

If you do, your son will reward you with a renewed relationship and love.

Plan Father and Son Activities

Don’t ignore your son. Plan a few father and son activities together.

Look at your mutual interests. For example, perhaps you and your son enjoy hiking in the woods or camping.

Find matching long sleeve T-shirts with a creative symbol on them and arrange to go on a father and son trek into the woods. Some companies, like Over Under Clothing, know that custom T-shirts can build great camaraderie.

Hiking and camping should provide you and your son time to grow closer. This shared activity should build a life-long bond.

Learn to Listen to Your Son

The fact is the average dad is more adept at lecturing or acting authoritative, instead of listening. An important part of communication is learning to really listen to your son.

Listen to your son, without judging them. Building a strong bond between father and son begins with open communication and building mutual respect.

Begin by focusing on accepting your son is becoming a young man and the relationship will stay strong.

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