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The Stages Of Drug Use – Choose Life

The stages of drug use are often mistaken for being busy or just having a lot to occupy your time. Unfortunately, when you see this in yourself or someone you love you might not recognize it.

Knowing the stages might help you identify just how much of your life using a drug robs you of. 

Trying the Drug

This is the first stage. You could use the drug because of stress or because everyone around you is doing it.

Regardless of the reason, you start by experimenting. You might tell yourself it is because everyone does it.

When you continue to use it, you give yourself the same excuse.

Becoming Addicted to the Drug

This is when the drug really begins to take over your life. You might still be telling yourself you’re simply using a tool or that all of your friends are doing it.

You can even convince yourself of this. Unfortunately, you are entering into the actual cycle of drug addiction.

This is the state where rehabs like the Texas rehab centers or any rehab center is necessary.

Finding a Source for the Drug

You might have your dealer on speed dial but it still takes time to find the drug. He might be out so your time is taken up finding another dealer that might have it.

Sometimes you have to wait to get the drugs or you have to drive a long distance. Either way you spend a great deal of time finding the drug.

Paying for the Drug

Paying for the drug, if you’ve been addicted for a while becomes difficult. Drugs get more and more expensive as your addiction continues.

This stage is trying to find ways to pay for the drug and often you resort to risk taking behavior such as stealing or prostitution.

Using the Drug

This is the next actual stage. Using the drug takes time.

If you bought a lot of the drug, you might not be able to do anything for days or weeks afterward depending on how long you are on it.

Some people spend weeks on the drug and then days after recovering. You lose time as your addiction continues.

Coming Down off the Drug

Coming down or crashing is the reason why you seek the drug immediately after using it according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This is the worst time when you are addicted.

You begin withdrawal at this point. After this point the cycle just repeats and continues to repeat until your life hits bottom.

How to End the Cycle

You can end this cycle by calling 800-654-0987. Our operators are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the rehab center you need.

Not all rehabs are created equal. It’s important to find the one that is right for you or your loved one. All you need to do is call, we can help.

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