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Find The Right First Car For Your Teen Driver

How to Find the Right First Car for Your Teen Driver

Being in the car when your teen is driving or seeing your teen drive out the driveway alone can be challenging. It’s bittersweet as you realize your child is getting older.

On the other hand, you see your child is trying to be independent and getting ready for what adulthood will bring. You’ll want to find the right car for your teen so he or she is safe and secure without paying a lot of money.

Here’s how you can go about doing that:

Under Warranty

Buying any car can get expensive. Your teen doesn’t need a new car as the insurance rates will be higher.  Also, your teen might not have the maturity and responsibility yet to care for a brand new car.

However, you want to find something that does have a warranty, even if it’s limited, in the event anything needs repair.

Try to find a car with a warranty that covers everything from the motor to towing if anything happens to leave the teen on the side of the road. Usually, a car that is just a few years old is still under warranty.

So when you’re looking online or at your local dealership, such as Audi Brooklyn, make sure to look at vehicles that are from 2014 or 2015 as most of those should be still under warranty.

Get An Automatic

Until the teen is proficient at driving, avoid getting a manual transmission. Changing the gears can be distracting.

If the teen is just learning how to feel comfortable behind the wheel, the sequence of engaging the clutch and changing the gears can become overwhelming. An automatic is ideal for a teen as there’s no need to focus on when to change gears.

This will help your teen to concentrate on the road and other drivers.

Tech Accessories

Many of the cars from even a decade ago have some kind of technological advancement. From a backup camera to a GPS, there are numerous devices that will help teens while they’re in the car.

They won’t get lost as long as they follow the directions given by the GPS. However, teens need to listen to the directions instead of reading them on a screen.

A backup camera can help to see if there’s anything behind the car, especially when they’re backing out the driveway or parking lot.

Size Matters

A smaller car might not seem like it would offer much protection. Usually, a smaller car is often easier to handle than a larger vehicle.

Your teen will likely feel better about turning, backing up and staying in the proper lane with a smaller car. A larger car can sometimes be intimidating as it can be hard to see over the hood and challenging to park.

Your teen’s first car should be one that is easy to handle and that offers protection. Save some money by not getting anything new.

Look at a few car lots to find the vehicle that fits your teen instead of what your teen wants.

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