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How To Get Back In Shape While Spending Time With Your Stepkids

Being a stepdad, and spending time with your stepkids can be a rewarding experience. However, some men are out of shape and are looking for ways to combat the problem. 

As you will see, there are many factors regarding your physical and mental well-being that contribute to your health. Improving them now will help you stay around for your stepchild’s big moments in life.

Staying Committed

Staying in shape while spending time with your stepkids often starts with building a relationship with the family. You have to make sure they know you’re committed to them

If you’re also trying to lose weight, let them know you’re also focused on becoming healthier. Communicating all your desires from the start may make it possible for them to being willing to assist you in your endeavors. 

You can even make it a family project full of exercise and healthier foods.

Yoga Poses Can Help Those Stubborn Abs

There are many ways for you to develop a stronger body.  If you have trouble strengthening your abs and getting rid of the flab, why not practice yoga? 

While guys may not consider yoga as their first choice, there are several poses that can help your abs become stronger.  For example, the Bridge Pose – in which you lie on the floor and raise your hips – is a simple exercise. 

As you get stronger, you can also try the Tree Pose. This pose entails your standing upright on one leg, with your palms together, and your other leg bent at the knee resting on the straight leg. 

It requires a strong core.  So, work your way up to it.

get back in shape while spending time with your stepkids - stepdad practicing dumbells with his stepsonTraining Helps You Be There For Your Kids

There are also other exercises you can do to strengthen your body.   Exercises like the bench press, squats, leg extensions, and many others will help your spine and hips while not overloading your joints. 

You’ll also notice your workouts help you mentally, emotionally and physically.  Getting fit will help you serve yourself, as well as your family.  They can also be a fun way for you, and your stepkids, to spend the day together.

Eat Healthy And Lead By Example

Exercise isn’t the only way to get back into shape.  You have to learn how to eat better

You may not realize it, but your stepkids may mirror your eating habits.  So, instead of all the cookies, and cakes, you’ve been used to, start eating fruit and other healthy snacks. 

It will set a great example.

Make a trip to the supermarket an adventure and a learning experience. Teaching them to read labels will help them understand ingredients like sugar and sodium, they may be learning about in science class.

When you get home, grab the pots and pans and have them join in on cooking. Seeing how their favorite healthy meals are made will get them interested in the process, and may heighten their interest in doing it more often.

Once that happens, your family will be well on their way to eating better. As a result, getting back into shape will be easier for you, as well.

Getting Started

Getting back into shape can be difficult for some – especially if you want to spend time with your family. Stepdads often have the added weight of being a good example to their stepkids. 

However, by making exercise, and healthy eating fun, you will lose your gut, and your stepkids will understand the importance of fitness.

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