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Winter’s Over – Accidents We Could Have Avoided

The snow, the holidays and Christmas decorations are just some of the reasons we love winter. However, the holiday season isn’t always jolly, since it can cause some serious accidents in the middle of decorating and celebrating.

Therefore, if you’ve been in a bit of a predicament yourself this year, read on to find out how to avoid winter season accidents and have the next one injury-free.

Christmas Tree Mishaps

Christmas tree mishap


According to the statistics, one of the most common winter accidents is having a Christmas tree catch on fire.

For that reason, it’s important you don’t keep the tree close to a fireplace or any heat source that could potentially ignite it.

What’s more, malfunctioning tree lights are also a hazard source, so check the cords before you plug them in. Making sure the cords are sound will prevent a fire and an electric shock as well.

Furthermore, make sure your Christmas tree isn’t too heavy or decorated with heavy decorations. More often than not, Christmas trees could fall down and hurt you or your children.

Hence, securing the Christmas tree and placing it properly, so it can’t fall over easily, should be one of your priorities. This is especially true if you have children or pets that like to run around the house, and crash into the tree.

Electrical Accidents

Christmas mishaps with pets

If you don’t set up the outside lights properly, they can cause a fire. This hazard can be very dangerous and even cost you your home.

Therefore, when you start decorating the outdoors, don’t use the inside extension cords because they can shock you since they’re not waterproof.

What’s more, they can also catch fire, burning the trees and maybe even your house if you don’t notice the fire on time.

Don’t overload the electrical sockets either; only plug three strands of lights into one extension cord, and unplug the cord when it’s not in use.

Tripping and Slipping

Ice, snow, slushy weather and frost can cause many outdoor accidents. Slipping is just one of the causes, and these accidents can have permanent consequences.

If your doorstep is always slippery during the winter, secure it by placing a high quality nonslip mat in front of your door to prevent any serious injuries.

slipping at front door


Furthermore, lacerations and sprains are just some of the many injuries caused by cords and toys left all over the house during the Christmas season. That being said, be sure you secure the cords from the Christmas lights against the wall, so that you can’t trip over them.

You should also teach your children to leave their toys only in the toy crate, or another place specially designated for their toys.

Kitchen Accidents

According to the National Fire Protection Association, two out of five reported home fires during holiday season happen to be fires that involve cooking.

Half of the fires are caused by oil, fat, or grease, because people tend to do something else while the meal is frying in the pan. This is why it’s important not to leave the meal unattended.

Have a lid at arm’s reach in case you need to smother small grease fires.

open fireplace

Open Fireplace

Having a fireplace is great for a cozy feeling in your home, but it can also cause a terrible accident. Be sure to always check to make sure the damper is open before you light a fire.

Use grate or screen to prevent the sparks from flying around since they can also cause fire. Invest in a fire extinguisher, and always have it ready in case a fire accident happens.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen fires, tripping, slipping, and electricity accidents are just some of the mishaps that can make your winter less exciting. However, with these couple of tips, you can be prepared for the next winter, make sure to avoid all of the injuries, and have a jolly season.

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