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Secrets Of Giving Company Holiday Cards

Do you remember when you received your first card? I vividly remember when I received mine. My mouth dropped when my Dad told me some mail came for me. 

Seriously???  I got mail?  I wasn’t old enough to write and too young to owe anyone so why was I receiving mail?  It turns out, I was nearing my 5th birthday and my Uncle sent me a card.

The envelope was addressed Master Gerardo Campbell. Master?  Hmm, what am I a Master of?

That simple handwritten card made a strong impression on me. My Uncle made me feel special.

He remembered my birthday and he took the time to send me a card. His card made a personal connection with me.

Although I wasn’t sure what Master meant, the fact I had a title made me feel important. Reflecting back, it comes as no surprise he was my favorite Uncle.

In a similar way, sending company holiday cards allows you to tap into many of the emotions and feelings I experienced as a little boy.

Keeping In Touch

Company holiday cards are a great way of letting your customers know you’re there for them the next time they need your services again. 

Sending your customers a holiday card that rocks clearly states you want to maintain a real and lasting relationship with them.

It strengthens your customer bond and increases your chances of repeat business and referrals. You can get creative by finding a lesser known “holiday” that goes with your business. 

For example, if you’re a donut shop you could send a card to celebrate National Donut Day.

Stays Personal

A card personally signed by you and including the signatures of your staff if it’s small is more personal than a generic card that has your stamped business name and contact information.

Hand writing addressed envelopes and stamps associated with the holiday or occasion will make a personal connection with your customers.

Customer’s Are Important

A customer is more likely to open and read a holiday card than a piece of advertising. Nothing will turn off a customer quicker than including a sales promotion in your card. Sales will come later. 

Your only goal is to let your customers know they are important.  Mailing a holiday card let’s the recipient know you took the time to pick and sign the card, stamp and mail it.

Gratitude Is A Catalyst

Gratitude is a powerful emotional catalyst that affects customer attitudes.  Expressing to your gratitude through a holiday card to your customers for picking your business and lets them you want to continue that relationship. 

Don’t make your customers feel it’s all about the money.  Treat them like people and they will be more likely to give you more business. 

Giving them something personal like a holiday card is a wonderful way to send the message they matter to you and your business.

While you can send your customer’s electronic greeting cards, tweets or social media post they just don’t have the same personal touch as holiday cards.

Use them to maintain and grow your business relationships. Let your customers know they’re important and you’re grateful for their business.

About The Author

Gerardo Campbell is a Nebraska native who now calls Silicon Valley, California home. In 1995, Gerardo married his wife Roberta aka the Pretty Lady and became the stepdad to her two children. In 2011, he started the website Support for Stepfathers to reverse the nearly 70% divorce rate for blended families in the United States. His website is to help and inspire stepfathers, aspiring stepfathers and the women who love them worldwide. You can follow Support for Stepdads on Twitter @support4stepdad and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/resourcesforstepfathers.


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