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Five Tips for Having an Amicable Divorce

Moving On – Five Tips For Having An Amicable Divorce

Many divorces are bitter, heart-wrenching experiences leaving the two individuals filled with stress and coping with financial woes as a result. Splitting couples frequently feel as though they’re pitted against each other during the divorce process, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Other divorced couples find a way to get along amicably throughout the process and even to remain friends afterward. Each situation is unique, but if both parties are agreeable to an amicable divorce, this may be best for all involved.

Agree on What Is Best for the Children

If the two of you have children, you may be both understandably torn by the subject of custody. Hopefully, though, you both agree on wanting what is best for the children. Hopefully, though, you both agree on wanting what is best for the children.

If the children are older, you may all sit down as a family to discuss the subject of who will live where and visitation rights for the other party. With younger children, the two parents can sit down to discuss the arrangements.

Most are happier with a division of time when they agree on it rather than when they allow the court to decide the outcome.

Discuss the Separation Of Assets Openly

Likewise, it’s often best for couples to discuss the separation of assets together rather than let the court decide. Consider what is fair for both parties as well as what is in the best interest of both parties.

For example, it may be better for one spouse to have a higher percentage of the retirement account funds and for another to retain ownership of the house. Equally dividing each asset in half is not always the best situation.

Be Willing to Negotiate and Compromise

If you’re going to divorce amicably, it’s necessary to put the considerations and needs of former mate at the front of your mind. This doesn’t mean you should forsake your best interests.

Together you need to come to an agreement that works for both of you. Be willing to negotiate and compromise, so you both feel you are getting what you want or need out of the process.

Meet Several Times in Person, If Possible

Even an amicable divorce can be a long, drawn out and stressful process. Because it’s a process rather than a one-time event, you should plan on meeting with your ex on several occasions in person to discuss where things are at and what needs to be done.

This ensures everyone is on the same page and promotes the friendly aspect of the divorce.

Go Out of Your Way At Times

There will be times during and even after the divorce when your spouse will need for you to make a huge compromise or concession. When you go out of your way to compromise in some situations, your ex may be more willing to do the same in return for you.

You may need to remind him or her of the concession you made, but ideally, this will foster goodwill that will lay the groundwork for a peaceful separation.

Even with an amicable divorce, there will be times when you and your ex disagree as well as when you lose your tempers. When needed, take a day or two to calm down before bringing the subject up again.

Consider hiring a family lawyer from a firm like Russo Lawyers for help. This is a lengthy process, so you do not need to feel rushed into making rash or emotionally impulsive decisions.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can more quickly move through this process and on to a brighter future.

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