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deaf friendly games for a children's party - five children playing Charades

Deaf Friendly Games For A Children’s Party

Did you know the International Day of People with Disability was celebrated on December 3rd? This year’s theme was Achieving 17 goals for the future disabled people want.

The goals draw attention to how we can create a more inclusive and equitable world for people with disabilities.

Just because a child has a hearing loss doesn’t mean they can’t join in and enjoy party games in the same way as children with hearing. Hosting an all inclusive children’s party is easy with a little consideration, some small adjustments and the help of our infographic (see below).

The infographic offers some great tips on how some well known party games can be adapted to become all inclusive. For example, using flashing lights as well as music for musical bumps and the all time favorite Pass the Parcel with lights that stop at the same time as the music.

Children with hearing will also enjoy the flashing lights. If you don’t have any music at all it puts them all on a level playing field.

We also provide tips on how to make sure all the party goers have a great time. Simply by making small, yet unobtrusive changes, which promote interactions between the children whether they have a hearing loss or not. Name badges, visual and tactile clues are just a few of the ideas included.

There’s really no need to worry or become anxious about inviting a deaf child to your son or daughter’s party. Just take a look at the ideas below on how to host an all inclusive party for children.


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Deaf-friendly games for a children’s party by Wooden Toy Shop

The Wooden Toy Shop contributed another great infographic titled, “Helping Your Child Develop Through Play.” Click here to check it out.

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