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different types of psychics

The Different Types Of Psychics

For many of us, the word psychic conjures an image of a head wrapped, mysterious gypsy gazing deeply into a crystal ball. 
different types of psychics - clairvoyant concentrating on crystal ball
There are many different types of psychics. 
Some you may be already familiar with and others you may learn about for the first time.  Let’s take a look at the different types of psychics and what they claim they can do.


Mediums state they can talk to your loved ones who have passed on. You can talk to a medium if you want to communicate with your loved ones or want to know they’re watching over you.

There’s no guarantee a medium will be able to talk with a specific spirit, but you might receive a message from a relative or a friend who has passed away. Mediums usually will not offer advice on your career, finances, family, health or relationships unless you specifically ask them.


Psychics can communicate with the other side and will often give you information about yourself and your past to validate the information they received is correct.

They can share information about your future. You can then use this information to make the right decisions and avoid negative things from happening.

Psychics like the ones you can find through http://www.psychicgurus.org usually won’t tell you about all the possibilities they see in your future. Instead, they will tell you what is likely to happen if you don’t make any changes and keep going on the same path you are currently on.

Intuitive Counselor

Intuitive Counselors are somewhat similar to psychics because they can see what will happen in your future. They will use their abilities to guess what your past is like and assess your current situation.

Intuitive Counselors can see the issues you’re encountering with your career and relationships for example. They can communicate with your spirit guides to get some advice and help you find your purpose in life.

Intuitive Counselors are also similar to therapists because they can usually identify the emotional issues you’re dealing with. They can help you in overcoming your limiting beliefs and get rid of the barriers preventing you from achieving your life’s purpose.

Intuitive Counselors can work with your spirit guides and get results within sessions while it would take years of regular therapy or counseling to achieve the same results.

Meeting with an intuitive counselor is a powerful experience that can help in your personal development journey.


Channelers can receive messages from other beings by using their energy. They can help you understand issues regarding the human condition.

Most channelers will not give you personal advice but will help you understand where humanity is going. The information you will receive is not personal and applies to everyone.

There are two types of channelers. Some of them are conscious of everything that celestial beings say about humans while others are unconscious and will leave their body during a session.

They will not remember anything said during the meeting. Channelers often have to get into a trance to communicate with different spirits, which is why they are often called trance channelers.


Diviners use different items to find answers to your questions. They can use pendulums, crystals, the I Ching or Tarot cards.

They can answer questions about your relationships, health, finances, careers or other topics. You can receive messages from your spirit guides through the tools used by diviners.

Diviners often have abilities such as clairsentience (clear sensing or emotional layer sensing), clairvoyance (clear seeing as with the Third Eye) or clairaudience (clear hearing). Some of them have studied to learn how to read the answers provided by the tools they use.

Angel Therapist

Angel therapists can connect with your angels to help you heal, offer wisdom, guidance, comfort and answers to your questions. They know how to comfort and provide you with the guidance you need while you go through difficult times in your life.

If you are experiencing emotional pain, an angel therapist could be an excellent choice. If you don’t feel comfortable about seeing a psychic for religious reasons, you might find an angel therapist is a better option.

Psychic Detective

Psychic detectives can help law enforcement, citizens and private investigators thanks to their abilities. They can usually find information that helps law enforcement capture and arrest criminals.

Psychic detectives can also help with finding lost items or people are missing. Some psychic detectives offer private psychic readings if you need help with finding something or someone.

About The Author

Cormac Reynolds writes on fashion for some blogs and thoroughly enjoys it. When he’s not writing for fashion blogs, he loves to travel.

I believe many of us have a desire to know our future which is why psychics are so widespread and popular.  As a youth, I remember visiting a fortune teller at a carnival, and later I remember calling a psychic hotline after leaving the Air Force to learn what my future held.  Now that I’m older, and I believe wiser this is what I believe:

  • Dead people are not available for psychic contact
    • They are either in the presence of God or a place of suffering awaiting eternal judgment
  • Two explanations for psychic contact with the dead
    • Many psychics are frauds. They research their subjects’ histories beforehand and engage in “cold readings” of their subjects
    • Contact is made with demonic (familiar) spirits who can disguise themselves as departed human beings and communicate information few if any people would know
  • Several TV programs/specials featuring psychics and clairvoyants, etc. are edited by the producers to make the psychics seem 100% accurate in their statements
  • Followers of Christ are forbidden to participate in psychic attempts to communicate with dead people

What do you think about my thoughts?  Please leave your ideas in the Comments below. Thank you.

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