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Tips For Creating Your Home Meditation Space

Meditation is good for you, so there’s no wonder more and more psychologists and life coaches recommend it to their clients. Psychologists and life coaches contend making meditation a daily practice can bring you a series of benefits such as a better ability to focus, less stress and an overall better mood.

However, meditation requires total silence and a peaceful place where no intruder would be able to disturb you. This is why you should consider creating a meditation space in your home. If you can assign an entire room for this purpose, its well worth it.

However, if you aren’t this lucky, you can devote a smaller space to your daily meditation practice. A garage, a home office, a corner of your bedroom or a private area in your living room can make great places to relax and meditate.

Five Simple Tips For Creating Your Home Meditation Space

  1. Find the Best Spot in Your House

You shouldn’t strive to find the perfect place. All you need is proper ventilation, the ability to control the temperature and  lighting.

Make sure you have some good shades if you pick a spot by the window, so you can dim the light whenever needed. If you don’t have a good air quality, consider buying a HEPA air purifier to improve it.

Make sure your indoor temperature is comfortable. You may want to use a portable heater for additional comfort during your early morning meditation sessions.

  1. Remove All Distractions

Disconnect – switching off all your electronic devices and mobile phones for the entire duration of your meditation. This includes household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

You need silence. Moreover, you have to remove all visible work from your sight. 

You don’t need to think about chores, to-do lists or anything else that means work. Keep you space distraction-free by putting a “do not disturb” sign at the entrance, so that your other family members know you meditate.

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  1. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Space

Clutter is one of the biggest enemies of successful meditation. Your space should be clean, without any mess, dust, dirt or piles of stuff.

A simple vacuuming and regular dusting can keep your space fresh and neat.  Cleanliness or the lack of has an impact on the quality of your meditation experience.

  1. Use Inspiring Elements

Try to bring some elements that help you get inspired. You can use candles, colored rugs, flowers, indoor water features or whatever else makes you feel good.

  1. Be Comfortable

Add pillows, blankets, bolsters or anything else that can enable you relax and feel comfortable.

While having a dedicated meditation area isn’t a necessity to meditate having a home meditation space can inspire your practice. A meditation space reminds you of our intention to practice stillness.

A dedicated space collects and focuses your energy, removes uncertainty about where to practice, and, through habit and association, helps your mind move inward more quickly and deeply.

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