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Capturing Family Memories

With the rise of smartphones and social media comes a tremendous opportunity for capturing your family memories – but where to start? Here are six creative and exciting ways to help make your recording of memories a fun and exciting part of your daily life.

Collect Souvenirs

This old school method of collecting various trinkets and mementos is timeless.  You can store them in a scrapbook, a shoe box, a special locking case, wherever. 

Just pick up treasures while on family vacations or day trips that remind you of a particular occasion at any given point in time. Little bits and pieces of these specific times and places can help take you back and help you remember all the great times you’ve had at family reunions or camping trips.

Modern methods like taking pictures and videos can also help document these events.

Keep a Journal

Social media is great for sharing your daily thoughts and events with friends and family whether the day is an exciting one or a relatively normal one.  There’s also something to be said about starting a journal – and keeping it private.

Teaching your children to keep their own journal can help them in many ways throughout life. 

  • It’s incredibly therapeutic,
  • It also helps them learn to be accountable for their actions, and
  • Helps them remember what they did and what direction their choices led them in.

The ability to record their thoughts, unfiltered and uncensored, and refer back to them later on, is an exciting and fulfilling process.

Improve Your Photography Skills

Take a look online or at local community colleges, or even check out a book from the library, about basic photography techniques. You’ll be able to take award winning photos of your family in a way that’s both effective and artistic.

When you know a thing or two about photo composition, colors, and so on – you’ll have picked up a fun new hobby you can practice.  Putting together a family photo shoot and composing the pictures yourself can help you really connect with the memories they represent.

Record Wherever You Are

Invest in a tough, reliable camera like a GoPro in order to make memory recording of family life fully mobile.  In particular, GoPros are well known for their extremely high picture quality and durable casing.  

Don’t forget to look for discounts on these before making a purchase.  For example, exclusive Discountrue Garmin coupon codes can help your family get a good deal. 

Here’s a short video of a toddler wearing a GoPro in a game of Hide and Seek with his parents.

Imagine the fond memories and smiles that will come to everyone when they look at this years from now.

Besides Hide and Seek, GoPros can also brave extreme conditions like rough family hiking activities, swimming, mountain biking, and other recreational activities that you and yours might partake of. 

Taking them on family adventures can help you have a video record of you and your family growing up and coming into their own.

Note The Little Things

Little details can help you remember a time and place very well. Think, for example, about the details of places where you’ve visited or stayed during a vacation.

It’s often easy to forget the little details, so make time to record you, your family, and your friends when you’re sitting around relaxing, not just when you’re at an exciting point in your adventure.

Stay Aware

Don’t let your camera get in the way of actually creating memories, just set it and forget it.  Video cameras you can turn on and leave running while kids and parents play together are excellent ideas, as are planned photo shoots and recording sessions.

Remember to just have fun with your kids and extended family, don’t get too distracted by the electronic eye recording your activities.

Taking the time to record those precious moments in your life makes it more rich and full of meaning.  After all, remembering your kids as they grow up and being able to refer back to some sort of record brings greater meaning to your life.

No one can remember everything, but recording enables us to have something concrete for the future.   

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