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How to Nurture Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Children

Beyond knowing “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, there’s a lot of wisdom to instill in a child to teach them how to approach their bodies and cultivate healthy lifestyle habits.

Habits are best when they’re formed while children are young. When children become used to certain habits, it’s difficult for them stray away from them for too long. Consider these creative and intentional ways to nurture healthy lifestyle habits in children.

1. Nutrition

Oftentimes, kids love processed foods and sugar because they have access to processed foods and sugar. Instead of stocking the cupboards with unhealthy foods such as cookies, ice cream and cakes, offer a healthy alternative for their taste buds.

Pineapples, bananas, strawberries and mangos are some of the sweetest fruits and they all contain tons of nutritional value.

Introduce children to healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks on a consistent basis and they may not develop a taste for junk food.

2. Consistent Bedtime

Sleep is very important for everyone, but it is especially important for growing children. When a person sleeps, their body is in repair mode. If a child wants to grow, support a healthy immune system and avoid colds, some people say an average of 10-11 hours is important on a nightly basis in their young years.

3. Regular Check-Ups

Sure, there are children who may believe the dentist is the boogeyman, but as a parent, it’s important to eliminate these fears and show children the importance of professional check-ups.

One helpful strategy involves searching the area for a dentist who is sensitive to children and their needs. Smith Family Dental and similar practices can help cater to children and eliminate their potential fears about going to get that really important check-up.

4. Playtime/Exercise

First Lady Michelle Obama is running a nation-wide “Let’s Move!” initiative to help fight child obesity. So many schools opted to remove recess from the daily schedule.

As a result, students continue to miss out on important opportunities to get their bodies moving. Instead of giving a child an iPad to enjoy, go to a local park and play with them.

Enroll the child in a ballet class or a soccer league. Cardiovascular activity gets the heart rate up, burns fat and helps children maintain a healthy weight.

With these factors considered, there’s no reason any child can’t get used to and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind children are sponges. They copy everything they see their parents do. Live by example and children will follow along!

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