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The Negative Impacts Of Uncontrolled Internet Access

Are we allowing our children internet access at too young age? Does it have negative effects on our children we could have prevented if we intervened earlier and set boundaries?

These are questions all parents must consider. For stepdads, there can be even more pressing issues if they are more likely to be involved in the monitoring or set up of digital devices for their stepchildren.

A new study of parents of children aged between 12 and 15 years old has found out what all parents feared and worried about – that overuse of the internet and social media reduces their performance at school.

The large-scale study of 3000 parents by Stop Procrastinating, the productivity website, discovered a majority of parents had found their children were using social media and browsing the internet at night instead of sleeping.

The lack of sleep had a marked impact on the children’s performance in class the next day. A majority of parents noticed their children were more fatigued, irritable and less able to concentrate and finish homework. The children’s teachers backed this up. 

However, the survey also asked parents about the strategies they use to reduce their children’s internet use. From doing something fun, from organizing a digital detox week with their friends to restricting screen time an hour before bed, the survey found a lot of positive advice to share with parents.

The survey results were designed into an accessible infographic which details all the findings and helps for parents who want to control and reduce their children’s internet use. You can view the infographic below:


An infographic by the team at Stop Procrastinating

Click here to learn how to navigate parental controls for several different platforms and remain in control of your children’s electronic use.

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