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my #1 stepmom

Stepmom Poetry ~ My #1 Stepmom

A Mother’s Day poem in memory of a stepmother passed away.

My #1 Stepmom

Here’s to you
The one I called mom
for so long it doesn’t
feel like you’re gone.

Here’s to you
The one who watched me grow.
The one who is known
by all as my stepmom.

Here’s to you
The one who kissed me goodnight,
Kept me safe and gave me
everything when I asked
for nothing.

Here’s to you
The one who for so long
Taught me right from wrong
The one who’s now gone.

Mom, you might
not have been
here since day one
but you stepped in and
stepped up.

Showed me what it was
like to have a mom
The one who is now gone
but will always
Be my stepmom.

So here’s to you,
to my number one,
Happy Mother’s Day
to my stepmom.

~ Gerardo Campbell

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