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Braces – How To Tell If Your Kid Needs Them?


Having crooked teeth can be embarrassing for kids. It is something that can follow them their whole lives. It can be hard to tell if your child is in need of braces, but there are ways you can tell if you should take your kid to an orthodontist. Get started with this care early to make sure your child has a great looking smile for the rest of their lives.

Check for an Overbite

One of the best indicators your child may need braces is when he or she bites down, the teeth overlap. If they don’t match up well, this is a very good sign your child should be evaluated by an orthodontist. Some children may also have an under bite, and that can also cause a problem.

Look at Teeth Crowding

Another sign your child needs braces is they have a lot of crowded teeth. The teeth will be too close together, turn at different angles and they may be touching. This can be uncomfortable. It may also make it more difficult to keep their teeth cleaned. If you live in Coquitlam and have noticed your children have crowded teeth you should make an appointment with the Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic and get the best service for your child from their care team.

Problems Chewing

See an orthodontist right away if problems with your child’s teeth are making it hard to chew or swallow. This is something that can be corrected by one of these professionals.  It is important to make sure your children are able to eat and chew properly. This could be a genetic problem, but there are often several different ways this can be corrected by a dental professional.

Future Self Esteem

Even if you found problems with your children’s teeth you may still be uncertain if getting braces is the right choice for your children. Always consider how a child is going to feel later in life if they have crooked teeth. This is something that can easily have a negative impact on their self esteem. Understanding the alternatives is a great way to determine what is best for your child.

Braces - Before and After

One of the most important things to get is a recommendation from a dental professional like Hampstead Orthodontic Practice. This will really help you decide what is best for your child. No matter what they are seeing in your child’s mouth, only a dental professional can tell you for sure if this is a problem that really requires braces.

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