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Stepfather of the Bride Wedding Speech ~ Biological Father Present

Stepfather If the biological father will not be present at your stepdaughter’s wedding go to Stepfather of the Bride Wedding Speech ~ Biological Father not Present.  For tips on preparing your speech go to Stepdad Tips for Preparing Your Stepdaughter’s Wedding Speech.  

Scenario One – Biological Father Present

This is your stepdaughter’s special day.  You want this day to be a wonderful memory for everyone involved.  Be sure to take the extra effort and care to ensure it is just that.  If her biological dad is present you’ll want to avoid doing or saying anything that would bring up or focus negative attention on you and her biological dad.  For example, if her biological dad is present you may need to refrain from referring to her as your daughter.  You could say something like…

(Bride’s name), marriage is something not to be entered into lightly.  It requires hard work, understanding, kindness, faith, compassion, generosity and plenty of love—all the things you’ve possessed your whole life.  I have never been more proud of you, than I am today as you start this new chapter in your beautiful life. Congratulations!”

Aside from talking about her, you can throw in some nice remarks about her new husband. Regardless if you like him or not, it’s not your day or your choice so it’s best to play nice.

My mother always told me when I got married, it’s important to never go to bed angry. Life is too short. So no matter how frustrated you are, smile at each other, kiss each other and tell each other you love one another. (Insert bride’s name), you and (groom’s name) do have a lot in common. You are both kind and caring individuals who bring out the best in each other. This is a big step in your lives, and you will have challenges to face. Together you’ll be more than capable of overcoming them.   I’m proud of you and wish you both the best of luck. Congratulations, (bride) and (groom)!”

Here is one that is even more sentimental, and if they aren’t already there, being teary eyed helps…

Being a part of your life, (bride’s name), has been the greatest joy I know I will ever have… next to being the lucky man to call your Mom my wife. You are beautiful and accomplished, and who would ever ask for more in person? Here you are, about to enter into a whole new beginning, and I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my life. I wish you both the best, and hope the challenges you face will bring you closer together as a couple and make you stronger as individuals. Congratulations (bride) and (groom)!”

Remember, your speech will be one of several on your stepdaughter’s wedding day.  Keep your speech to a length respectful of that.


The time and effort you invest in preparing and delivering your speech will speak volumes of the relationship and feelings you have toward your stepdaughter.   Using any combination of these tips will make your speech one she’ll always remember.                                                     

  • Know your Speech.  Don’t wing it.  Even the pros prepare. 
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • Relax.  One, repeat one, glass of wine will help calm your nerves.  It’s an important speech but it’s not life or death.  Mistakes are okay, acknowledge them and move on.
  • Slow your Roll.  Pace yourself and speak at a normal pace.          
  • Eye Contact.  Look your audience in the eye.

A Wedding Speech from a Father who Put it All Together 

Here’s a beautiful poem to share with your stepdaughter on her wedding day.

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