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Stepfather Poetry ~ Birthday Wishes








I made some wishes, Step-Dad, as your candle was blown out.
I’d like to tell them all to you.

I meant them, every word, and now I’m wishing extra hard
That every one of them will soon come true.

I wished that all the joy and love that you have given us
Returns again to you and much, much more.

I wished that everything you do would turn out great and good,
And that in each endeavor you would soar.

I wished that all the laughter of the ages would be yours,
And bring you happiness along life’s way.

I wished that clouds of sorrow would not come to grieve your heart,
And pain would not make sunshine turn to gray.

I wished that peace and comfort would make life an easy chair,
And that prosperity would linger near.

I wished that you could face the world with courage in your heart
And never turn your back or hide in fear.

I wished much more, but even with the many that I made,
I still was far too many wishes few.

I do not think that I could ever wish enough good things
To be too many for a man like you.


~ Ozarkmaid


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