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Keys To Successful Step-Fathering

Dr. Carl E. Pickhardt shares his years of experience as a psychologist and offers a very useful resource for stepfathers and bio-fathers for understanding the multiple changes that affect step families.  Issues of multiple alliances, boundaries, even gender differences about step fathers relating to stepsons and stepdaughters and more are all included in this book which helps normalize the process of step family development.  He is very accurate in his description of the developmental process of step-family development, estimating a minimum of two years for step families to come together as a working unit.  The author emphasizes how stepfathers must replace wishful thinking with realistic expectations. Suggestions for getting along with stepchildren and building lasting relationships, managing conflict, establishing authority, and communicating in a positive way are all included to help men fully enjoy the rewards of being a stepfather.Highly recommended. To buy your copy click here .






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