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Blended Family Poetry ~ Blended Families

Blended Families








Stepdad or Stepmom –

Stepbrother or Stepsister.

You know the saying,

“You can’t choose your family.”

No matter if they are blood

or marriage it will always be true.

There is bound to be blood

in marriage, in extending your family.

New Uncles and Aunts appear

out of nowhere, significantly more insane

than the ones you already have.

You start to feel

like the center of a nebula

of madness.

You are made of star stuff,

but right now you only feel

dizzy spinning at millions of miles per hour

in so many circles way beyond your control.

Just like the rest of life.

There should be

a support group for blended families.

Step Anonymous –

Step One: Accept what you cannot change;

Step Two: Accept that your biological family still loves you,

(and if they don’t they don’t matter anyway).

There are more, but you get the jist.

Your support group is your family,

blended and otherwise.

You are on this uncontrollable spin with them,

you may as well make the best of it.

~  Azriel Johnson 


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