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Thirteen Ways To Keep Your Teen Out of Trouble

handsome teen looking at two arrows - one pointing to bad the other pointing to good

The following is from the original Ezinarticle,”Teenagers and Trouble – How Parents Can Keep their Teens Out of Trouble” was written by Sue Blaney.  After the article I identify specific considerations for stepdads raising teens in a blended family. Teenagers are a ...

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Seven Costs of Unforgiveness

seven costs of unforgiveness

Similar to our legal system today the ancient Roman legal system identified several levels of guilt with corresponding punishments for the crime of murder.  One of their most severe punishments was literally chaining the dead body to the murderer – head ...

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Review of Tweets – 3/1/11

I’m still getting comfortable with Twitter.   Until this evening I was avoiding it like the plague – another thing I need to devote my precious time and energy to but I recognize it’s usefulness.  I went to “We Follow” and searched on Stepdads.   ...

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