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Stepdad Quote ~ Stepdad Bread Winner

  “At dinner, when you passed me the bread and butter, I thought of how you’re more than a bread-winner.  As my stepdad, you have made my life so much better.  You’re the all-around winner.” ~ Gerardo Campbell   Did ...

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Stepfather Quote ~ My Hero

Hero Button

  Some heroes are faster than a speeding bullet. Some heroes can leap buildings in a single bound. Some heroes are more powerful than a locomotive. But I know my hero is the best one of all – my stepdad. ...

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A Child of Divorce Sings

American pop rock singer, songwriter and Grammy award winner, Kelly Clarkson, was the historical first winner of American Idol in 2002.  When Kelly was six years old, her parents divorced after 17 years of marriage.  As a result of the divorce, her brother went ...

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The 10 Best Father’s Day Quotes

Here are the top 10 Father’s Day quotes.   As a stepdad, the quote from J. August Strindberg really resonated with me – provider for all and enemy of all.  Am I the only stepfather who feels that way?   I think of my own father when ...

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