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Stepmoms < Stepdads?

I wrote the following post for the Blended Family blog. The U.S. Council on Contemporary Families reports there are five times as many stepdads as stepmoms. Stepdads are a majority.  Really?  Well, this data is based on census figures which ...

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What’s Wrong About “Why?”

Kids Asking Why: Stop the Disrespect Now I recently read an Ezine article titled, “Kids Asking Why: Stop the Disrespect Now.”  I wanted to share parts of the article with you, share my thoughts and get your thoughts as well.  The author, ...

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Stepfathers Need Help? Are You Kidding?

Nedd Help

The following article was recently published in Ezine articles. Why are men notoriously known for not seeking help? We have a reputation for not reading instructions, not going to the doctor’s for health issues, not asking for directions, not accepting ...

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Leading Your Son to Manhood

The following post is a guest submission from my good friend, Cedric Martin, who is both an experienced father and stepfather. If you are going to effectively guide your son on the path to manhood you’ll need a level of relationship and repoire ...

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