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A Stepfather Gets No Respect II

The first post identified the four pieces needed build a foundation of respect for a stepfather and within the home: Stepdad Receives Authority to Parent from Wife, Wife Disciplines Children, Respectful Behavior is the Standard, and Stepdad Handling His Mistakes. ...

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A Stepfather Gets No Respect


    The late comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, would frequently gripe, “I get no respect” and he wasn’t even a stepfather!   Just like your biological counterpart, as a stepfather you may have to deal with negative behaviors like manipulation, lying, and ...

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Stepfather’s Disengaged Parenting Revisited


When I wrote about the various parenting styles, I stated how the disengaged parenting style is considered the most damaging parenting style to children.  However, the experts state stepfathers as compared to our biological counterparts typically adopt a disengaged parenting ...

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Stepmoms < Stepdads?

I wrote the following post for the Blended Family blog. The U.S. Council on Contemporary Families reports there are five times as many stepdads as stepmoms. Stepdads are a majority.  Really?  Well, this data is based on census figures which ...

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What’s Wrong About “Why?”

Kids Asking Why: Stop the Disrespect Now I recently read an Ezine article titled, “Kids Asking Why: Stop the Disrespect Now.”  I wanted to share parts of the article with you, share my thoughts and get your thoughts as well.  The author, ...

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Stepfathers Need Help? Are You Kidding?

Nedd Help

The following article was recently published in Ezine articles. Why are men notoriously known for not seeking help? We have a reputation for not reading instructions, not going to the doctor’s for health issues, not asking for directions, not accepting ...

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