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How To Deal With Bullying As A Stepdad

“How To Deal With Bullying As A Stepdad” is in follow-up to writer’s Melissa Davis’ post, “The Physical Signs of Bullying In Children.” Unfortunately, bullying is a major issue which affects thousands of children every year. It’s awful for the ...

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How Stepdads Can Step Up

how a stepdad can step up

It’s a rewarding experience to father a child, yes, even by default! “Stepdads” are new roles in the family dynamic and ever changing family structure. Needless to say, there’s no standard operating procedure on how to be a good stepdad. ...

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Raising Tech-Savvy Girls

Technology increasingly touches every aspect of society. Technology also sets the foundation for most modern innovation. In the United States, girls and women are eager users of technology, but they are significantly underrepresented in the creation of technology. The U.S. ...

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