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To Be a Father

A Reminder From Nathaniel

My eleven year old, Nathaniel and I recently returned from vacation in New York where we visited Albany and New York City.   The Pretty Lady was off camping in the woods of Vancouver, British Columbia for personal/business development training.   During our two week stay ...

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Great Stepfathers Face their Giants

Facing the Giants

The movie Facing the Giants is an inspirational movie about a high school football coach, Coach Taylor, who faced with a number of challenges (aka giants) on the football field and in his personal life that are seemingly insurmountable.  Through ...

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Stepdads are Leaders

Processionary Caterpillars

    Processionary caterpillars travel in long lines one behind the other following their leader through the trees linked head to tail in one great chain devouring plant life as they march.  The French naturalist, Jean Hanri Fabre, once lead a group of ...

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