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To Be a Father

Connect with Conversation

Blended Family at Dinner Table

Conversation is one of the best ways to connect with your stepchildren.  If you want a meaningful conversation with your child that will reveal their feelings and opinions, you will need to learn how to effectively lead a conversation.  To ...

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Real Men Are Assertive

Being Assertive

              Several months ago, I was contacted by a fellow stepfather.  He’s been a stepfather for seven years to his wife’s five children.  He has no other children.  He admitted he is a novice ...

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Quick Techniques You May Practice Thinking Out of the Box Daily

In business, you must be flexible in order to address various things better. Every day, you will find yourself confronted with work and you will need to be able to bend yourself to suit what is demanded of you. In business, you simply can't limit yourself because there is so much that you can do and obtain if you open yourself to the world of potentialities and open your eyes to the things that are readily available for you.

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Executive Order to End Mother’s Day

President Obama Signing Executive Order

During a recent lunch with supporters, President Barack Obama complained people make a big deal out of Mother’s Day.  President Obama stated, Upset by the long-standing inequities between the two holidays, the President announced he will sign an executive order ...

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