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To Be a Father

A Stepfather Gets No Respect II

The first post identified the four pieces needed build a foundation of respect for a stepfather and within the home: Stepdad Receives Authority to Parent from Wife, Wife Disciplines Children, Respectful Behavior is the Standard, and Stepdad Handling His Mistakes. ...

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A Stepfather Gets No Respect


    The late comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, would frequently gripe, “I get no respect” and he wasn’t even a stepfather!   Just like your biological counterpart, as a stepfather you may have to deal with negative behaviors like manipulation, lying, and ...

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Manhood ~ Six False Standards

Think Differently About Manhood

This post is a continuation of the manhood series.  King Solomon was considered the world’s wisest and wealthiest of kings that ever lived.  In today’s vernacular Solomon had it “goin’ on.”   Solomon had and did it all: wisdom, intelligence, ...

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A Father’s Sacrifice

In February 2011, Celtic basketball great Bill Russell along with 13 others were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The Medal of Freedom is the highest honor from the U. S. government any person can receive unless they serve in ...

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