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To Be a Father

Comic Stepdad


          Who says there isn’t humor in the life of a stepdad?  Did you know there’s a comic strip about the experiences of a stepdad? Cartoonist, Mike Ostresh, created the comic strip STEPDAD based on his ...

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Grief and Father’s Day: National Grief Expert’s 10 Tips to Cope with…


[repostus jump=4 hash=2332500329d7144a912b68f0b32cefc2 title=Grief+and+Father%E2%80%99s+Day%3A+National+Grief+Expert%E2%80%99s+10+Tips+to+Cope+with%26%238230%3B host=Building+Self+esteem+to+Enchance+a+Better+You short=1GCMV snip=Everyone+grieves+differently%21+No+one+grieves+the+way+you+do.+New+York%2C+NY+%28PRWEB%29+June+11%2C+2013+%E2%80%9CThe+first+year+in+any+loss+is+a+year+of+learning+about+who+you+are+while+in+the+throes+of+your+grieving+process.+Everyone+grieves+differently%21+No+one+grieves+the+way+you+do%E2%80%9D+Nathan+states.+It+is+never%26hellip%3B thumb=5966062]

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Custody Battle Advice Needed

Child Custody

A stepdad and his wife are involved in a custody battle with her ex. Her ex has made accusations against them both as well as against the stepdad in an effort to prevent them from gaining full custody. The ex ...

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