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Five Great Home Family Projects

home family projects - stepdad and daughter painting the home exterior

No matter how hard you try it’s virtually inevitable your home will need some attention above the standard maintenance. This is because it stands firm in all seasons and weather. Unfortunately, fixing some of these issues can be time consuming ...

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How Far Can It Jump?

how far can it jump - picture of a bullfrog in its natural habitat

A biologist was interested in studying how far bullfrogs can jump. He brought a bullfrog into his laboratory, set it down, and commanded, “Jump, frog, jump!” The frog jumped across the room. The biologist measured the distance and then noted ...

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Leading Your Child Through Divorce

leading your child through divorce -Confused child with broken paper family

Divorce is an emotional and potentially volatile process. Divorce requires discretion and compassion for everyone involved – allowing parents and children to make a stable lifestyle transition. An emotional and conflict-driven separation can only further negatively impact kids in a ...

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