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Cars.com Car Seat Checks

car seat check - toddler sitting in car seat giving thumbs up

Sponsored Post When buying a car, we evaluate many different aspects like its make, model, color, gas mileage and number of passengers carried, etc.  Why?  Because according to a survey report, every 33 seconds a child under 13 years-old becomes ...

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Inspired Year Planner Review

inspired year planner review

Like almost everyone else I know, time management and work-life balance are not my strong suits. I hardly have time to figure out what to cook for dinner, much less set realistic personal and professional goals. The Inspired Year Planner ...

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Lightgliders Product Review

Lightgliders product review

Lightgliders is an app designed to teach and reinforce Christian values in children and teenagers. The app can be downloaded with a subscription for use on personal electronic devices (iPads, phones, tablets and laptops) and includes tutorials and games. Within the ...

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