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Real Steel

It’s late at night and starting to rain.   A man and young boy are seen breaking into a junkyard to scavenge parts to build a new fighting robot.  Suddenly, the man firmly warns the boy not to move.  When the man shines his flashlight ...

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Good Parents Bad Parenting

How To Parent Together When Your Parenting Styles Are Worlds Apart Parenting book by parent /child relationship expert, Lisa Dunning,  helps parents with discipline, step parenting & blended family issues.  Lisa and her husband, Brad, have different childhood backgrounds, resulting ...

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John Rosemond’s ~ New Parent Power!

John Rosemond is the dean of traditional, non-psychological parenting. Now, the author of many best-selling books on raising children has combined his two most successful volumes into a single revised and updated edition for new parents — and those who ...

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