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Paleo & Product Review Of Caveman Coffee

Before reviewing these products I thought Paleo was the name of a newly found planet. 😎 Since Caveman’s products are an excellent complement to the Paleo diet here’s some background on the diet. Paleo Diet – A History The paleo ...

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Little Adventures Product Review

I received this costume set for my son three days ago and he’s wanted to wear it every day since then. He likes to pretend he’s fighting monsters with the sword and shield set. Both the knight vest and the ...

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Anti Gray By Justified Labs Product Review

anti gray hair bottles on shelves

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Anti Gray by Justified Laboratories promises to help restore natural hair color and lessen graying hair. Anti Gray’s proprietary formula stimulates dormant pigment cells to help restore your natural hair color.  The enzyme catalase slowly ...

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J J Novelties Product Review

J J Novelties - 100 piece toy assortment

It was nearing the end of my son’s birthday party, and it was time to pass out the goody bags. I watched as each kid eagerly took and inspected the contents of their bag.  Their eyes opened as wide as ...

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Book Review ~ Hey, Who’s In My House?

Happy child holding house in hands against spring green background. Real estate business concept

The majority of American families have moved from the traditional nuclear family with a biologically bonded mother, father and child.  According to the US Bureau of Census, 1300 new blended families are created daily. Most of us have read stories about the “wicked ...

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Clearing Counter Clutter

I have the honor of introducing fellow entrepreneur Stevon Roberts. Stevon and I attend the same church and we have known each other for over a year. After working several years as professional developer and consultant, Stevon decided to channel ...

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