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Stepdad Quotes Only

Stepfather Quote ~ Stay the Course

Stay the Course

  Stepfathers who stay the course–despite the obstacles and frustration–out of dedication and a sense of duty, are among the world’s most frequently overlooked unsung heroes. ~  Unknown Please rate this quote using the Stars and Thumbs below.  Find more ...

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Stepfather Quote ~ Deliberate Choice

Deliberate Choice

“Fathers can become fathers at times by accident.  This is never true of a stepfather.  Each stepfather has made the deliberate choice to not only be a father, but to accept a role vacated – for whatever reason – by ...

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Stepdad Quote ~ Picking

Picking Stepdad

    “Children do not get the luxury of picking their parents; nor are parents afforded the opportunity to pick their children.  Except, of course, for stepdads.  Thank you for choosing to be such an important part of my life, ...

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