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Bracing Your Kids For Braces

two cute twin girls wearing braces

How to Make the Transition Easier Braces can be quite intimidating for children and teenagers who may be dealing with a lot of peer pressure within their social circles. Growing up is hard enough without added anxiety about how your ...

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Preparing Your Homeschooler For An Education In Medicine

two future young doctors wearing smocks and stethoscopes

The popularity of homeschooling continues to expand contributing to the development of innovative tools and new learning strategies. Homeschooling is producing well-rounded individuals and college ready graduates. In its many different forms homeschooling has proved to be an engaging and ...

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Summertime Teen Safety

summertime teen safety

Being a teenager is a difficult time in life. Precariously poised between childhood and adulthood, the years of adolescence are usually a tumultuous part of everyone’s personal development. An essential aspect of growing up is taking risks. In fact, a ...

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