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What A Parent Needs To Know About Tinder

Worried teenager girl looking at her smart phone in a park with an unfocused background

Have you notice kids are hardly using Facebook anymore? Teens are fleeing the once popular website, mainly because adults use it now! They’re moving to new dating apps like Tinder. Tinder allows for strangers to access our children’s information and ...

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Be A Dad She Can Count On

teenage girl wearing soccer clothes supported on her father's back

All jokes aside, it’s true the changes to a child during the adolescent years are hard to handle for most parents. Especially when your once sweet and adorable daughter who just yesterday wore tutu skirts becomes angry, depressed or defiant. ...

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Smoking: How to Talk to Your Teen

Stepdad and son in coversation about smoking

I never received the no smoking under the penalty of severe punishment talk, but I had enough sense to know smoking was exclusively reserved for grown-ups. Nevertheless in 3rd grade, I vividly remember trying my first cigarette or rather taking ...

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