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Don’t Be A Victim Of Sexual Assault

A victim of sexual assault

Sexual assault is a serious problem. The victim is left confused, hurt and angry. Moreover, sexual assault victims victims are frequently frustrated and humiliated by their inability to find justice; police doubt their stories, friends call them confused – or worse, ...

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Getting Married In London

Getting married in London - London wedding planner checklist with a red pencil checking a box

One of the most wonderful benefits of getting married in the United Kingdom is you’re never far from dozens of stunning cities, towns and villages that would make the ideal setting for a couple’s perfect day.  But when it comes ...

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Jealousy: The Friendly Foe

“I’m just a jealous guy.” Imagine, John Lennon, 1971  The Jealous Guy John Lennon wrote the introspective lyrics of “Jealous Guy” during an extended tour The Beatles took with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, spiritual guru to celebrities. After traveling to Wales ...

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Tips To Encourage Kids To Brush

Children and board saying brush your teeth illustration

Brushing teeth is an important life long habit to instill in your children while their young.  However, few young children will do it on their own without some clever encouragement. How can you make brushing something they look forward to ...

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