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Six Money Concepts To Teach Your Kids

six money concepts to teach your kids - stepson putting money in savings jar with stepdad looking

Forced bonding with your stepkids has something in common with the idea of teaching them about financial responsibility. If you announce your intentions, then you probably aren’t going to get very far! Nobody likes forced bonding exercises. Kids tend to ...

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Five Tips for Having an Amicable Divorce

Moving On – Five Tips For Having An Amicable Divorce Many divorces are bitter, heart-wrenching experiences leaving the two individuals filled with stress and coping with financial woes as a result. Splitting couples frequently feel as though they’re pitted against ...

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Orthopedic Slippers Are An Excellent Choice

Orthopedic slippers are specifically created footwear for people who experience various orthopedic problems in the feet or legs. There are different types of slippers each type offering its wearer various kinds of benefits – diabetic slippers, therapeutic and orthotic slippers ...

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