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Stepfather Secrets Revealed

The Pretty Lady and I checked out of the Los Angeles hotel where we were staying and decided to go to Pink’s hot dog stand aka Hot Dogs to the Stars. While enroute we spotted a store named Johnny CupCakes.   While we’re both calorie conscious ...

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Breach of Trust

Torn Trust

The following video highlights the decisive action a Colorado mother took in defense of her daughter to prevent further sexual abuse by her stepfather.  I’ve heard of similar instances where the mother like the proverbial ostrich buries her head in the sand when ...

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Unspoken No More

Some of the feelings we have as stepdads are closely held out of fear we’d be considered warped, evil or something worst.  It’s time to come out of the shadows and enter the light!  Once you understand many of your emotional reactions are ...

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Data on Children of Divorce

Numerous studies following the same children over the past 20 years are showing a dark and difficult picture of divorced children with long-term adverse effects lasting well into adulthood.     * One million American children experience divorce every year.     ...

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Stepfamily Fact Sheet

a piece of torn paper revealing the words," Uncover the facts"

Current estimates suggest: Sixty percent of all remarriages eventually end in legal divorce. Untold others will experience emotional divorce and unsatisfying relationships. About 75% of divorced persons eventually remarry. About 43% of all marriages are remarriages for at least one of ...

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