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Data on Children of Divorce

Numerous studies following the same children over the past 20 years are showing a dark and difficult picture of divorced children with long-term adverse effects lasting well into adulthood.     * One million American children experience divorce every year.     ...

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Stepfamily Fact Sheet

a piece of torn paper revealing the words," Uncover the facts"

Current estimates suggest: Sixty percent of all remarriages eventually end in legal divorce. Untold others will experience emotional divorce and unsatisfying relationships. About 75% of divorced persons eventually remarry. About 43% of all marriages are remarriages for at least one of ...

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Review of Tweets – 3/1/11

I’m still getting comfortable with Twitter.   Until this evening I was avoiding it like the plague – another thing I need to devote my precious time and energy to but I recognize it’s usefulness.  I went to “We Follow” and searched on Stepdads.   ...

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