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Public Service Announcement!

Please remember to vote – on the posts that is.  You’ll notice below an easy, peasy 10 star rating system.  In the future, when you’re done reading a post simply indicate your like or dislike by selecting the appropriate number ...

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Ten Reasons to Love Your Stepfather

10 Reasons to Love Your Stepdad

Please enjoy the following post by contributing author Gerri Flannigan.  If you are lucky enough to have a stepfather, you will find there are many reasons to love him.  Here are just a few reasons almost anyone can relate to.  ...

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Honest Abe’s Blended Family

Abraham Lincoln's Stepmother

President Abraham Lincoln was selecting his cabinet members when he took three days from his schedule to make his final visit to his beloved step-mother, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln. Sarah became his step-mother a year after his own mother had ...

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Stepdads Scribol

You’ll see at the end of this post, and the others, six thumbnails related to health and nutrition – this is Scribol.  Scribol is a platform to connect bloggers together and trade audiences.  At Scribol, they believe the most effective way to find content is when you’re already ...

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