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The Problem with Secrets

No Secrets

Secret Defined As defined in the post, “Secrets – Don’t Tell Mom” a secret is based on withholding information from your partner regardless of the subject or content. Not Just About the Money In early 2010, the Associated Press released ...

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Secrets – Don’t Tell Mom

Please enjoy this brief Hyundai commercial.  Can the phrase, “Don’t tell mom” really sell SUV’s?  I really like this commercial it captures so much activity and emotion in just 32 seconds.  I was impressed with how engaged this dad was ...

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Higher Risk of Divorce for Couples Sharing Housework: Study

[repostus hash=afff8dd9b728cdec963b00c0de43697e title=Higher+risk+of+divorce+for+couples+sharing+housework%3A+study host=AFP short=1oxHS snip=Couples+who+share+housework+duties+run+a+higher+risk+of+divorce+than+couples+where+the+woman+does+most+of+the+chores%2C+a+Norwegian+study+sure+to+get+tongues+wagging+showed+on+Thursday.+The+divorce+rate+among+couples+who+shared+housework+equally+was+around+50+percent+higher+than+among+those+where+the%26hellip%3B thumb=2967487 jump=4] I don’t know about you but I’d be interested in knowing how they conducted their study.  How were they able to establish a direct relationship between how housework is shared or not ...

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Cohabitation – Good Idea?

Cohabitation or as it’s more commonly called living together comes before more than half of all marriages in the U.S. today.  The number of unmarried couples living together jumped 12 times from 430,000 in 1960 to 5.4 million in 2005.  ...

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The Biggest Threat to American Children

This threat has and continues to grow at an alarming rate.  Children impacted by this threat have: more emotional problems, less involved and less affectionate fathers, a greater risk of not completing high school, higher risk of infant mortality, and worse ...

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