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Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss

dealing with hair loss - balding man examining his hair brush

Hair is part of our natural looks. The first signs of hair loss can be a stressful experience. However, hair loss shouldn’t make you lose hope. It’s possible to embrace baldness with pride more so if it’s due to an ...

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How Gardening Can Help A Stepdad

how gardening can help a stepdad -stepdad in garden with his two stepsons

Here at Support For Stepdads, we’ve teamed up with the guys over at WhatShed to share with you some of the amazing benefits of gardening. Now you may have raised eyebrows as you’re asking yourself, “How can gardening help me ...

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Dads Need Massage Therapy Too!

dads need massage therapy -man receiving back massage

When it comes to relieving daily stress, women especially moms usually feel they deserve a massage session because they’ve been a superhero mom.  A superhero mom’s schedule consists of working 9-5, cleaning, cooking, washing and caring for her kids and ...

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