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Five Great Home Family Projects

home family projects - stepdad and daughter painting the home exterior

No matter how hard you try it’s virtually inevitable your home will need some attention above the standard maintenance. This is because it stands firm in all seasons and weather. Unfortunately, fixing some of these issues can be time consuming ...

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Why You Need A Long-Term Food Storage Supply

long-term food storage supply - bags of a variety of beans and vegetables

Long-term food storage isn’t something most families have in their homes. But it’s important. Long-term food storage is really just a smart way to be prepared for emergencies – like insurance for groceries. Dome Technology, professionals in industrial wheat storage, ...

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Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

air duct cleaning worth it - a dirty air ventilation vent

Ductwork cleaning has become a popular topic of conversation in the past years. Some people claim it’s a scam and totally unnecessary. While others swear by it and find it a viable option to improve indoor air quality. This leaves ...

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Designing a Modern Living Room

Designing a Modern Living Room – What You Need to Know If your wish is to have a modern and cozy personal environment, the obvious start of the whole project should be your living room. By designing this space just ...

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Keeping Your Family Safe and Sound

keeping your family safe and sound - picture of alarm security panel

Four Technologies Keeping Your Family Safe and Sound In today’s world, it’s challenging to keep our families safe and sound. Whether it’s a terrorist attack, child abduction or burglary, it’s crucial to use every means at your disposal to keep ...

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