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Why I Stand

why I stand -Veterans day background with text and USA flag

How the National Anthem Became a Part of Sports In 1862, is the first documented time the National Anthem was played at a Brooklyn baseball game. Back then, there were no sound systems, compact discs, cassette tapes or even eight-tracks ...

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Positive Family Communication

Portrait of family gesturing thumbs up

The following article was published in Morgan Hill Life.  The author is someone I’ve known for over 16 years and I’m very proud of. Positive Family Communication is a very important asset not just for teens but for all family ...

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Driving Highway 2016

3d illustration of road with arrow and 2016 sign

As we look in our rear view mirror, we see 2015 with its successes, disappointments, gains and losses. We now must focus our eyes and attention on Highway 2016. To keep looking back in the mirrors will only hinder our ...

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How To Be A Great Friend

Best friends taking selfie outdoors with back lighting - Happy friendship concept with young people having fun together - Cold vintage filtered look with soft focus on faces due to sunshine halo flare

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Good Friend? Life is often all about the way we engage and interact with others. You have your family and hopefully you will have a bond with them that will be ...

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Ways You Can Make You Better

We have all wondered what’s our life’s purpose and why we are here. The most common answer is found throughout religious teachings, schools of wisdom and life coaching books. The field of personal growth and self-improvement has boomed and flourished ...

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