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Stuff for Dad & Mom

1000 Questions for Couples

                  An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions.  Get the book 1000 Questions for Couples now.  Many couples have used these questions ...

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Total Transformation Program

The Total Transformation® Change your child’s behavior with James Lehman’s program. Free Offer! www.TheTotalTransformation.com Total Transformation Review – Does the Total Transformation Work by Laura Ramirez Author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children and publisher of Family ...

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The Seeds of Greatness System

  Researched and developed by two of America’s most talented and trusted authorities, Doctors Denis Waitley and Maryann Rosenthal, on High Peformance Human Behavior and Achievement.  The Seeds of Greatness System provides answers, insight, ideas and hope in the challenging job ...

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