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PS4 backward compatibility - picture of PlayStation Now game streaming subscription with pictures of some of the available games

PS4 Backward Compatibility – A Problem?

Introducing the PlayStation4

Introducing, the PlayStation4 (PS4), the latest in Sony’s premier gaming consoles, offering more features than a 20 theater cineplex. 🙂 Here are just few:

  • Plug your Headphones Directly into the Controller,
  • Saving to a USB Device,
  • Ability to Access Several Video Applications (Netflix, Hulu Plus+ and more),
  • Response to Voice Commands,
  • Ability to Switch Apps on the Fly,
  • Ability to Create Your Soundtrack and
  • Share Play and Broadcast Your Gaming.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Despite the myriad of features, there’s a particular group of gamers who aren’t completely satisfied with the PS4. Their dissatisfaction stems from PlayStation4 (PS4) inability to play older games from the PS, PS2 and PS3.

In fact, the question of backward compatibility is one of the first questions gamers ask before purchasing the PlayStation4. Many gamers already have their favorite games on the older PS consoles and would like to continue play on the PS4.

Sony’s Decision

The older PSs aren’t compatible with the PS4 as they operate on a different system structural design. However, with an inbuilt emulator, it would be possible for the PS4 to play older games.

The emulator would need to be powerful enough to allow for the smooth operation of older games at top speed.

Even though it’s technically possible, Sony felt it wasn’t a wise course to take due to the associated work involved and the corresponding console price increase.

Within it’s class, PS4 Pro is reasonably priced at $399. This is especially when compared to it’s limited backward compatible competitor XBox One X at $499.

While Sony places great importance on their customers experience and satisfaction, it would take too many resources to achieve this, so the company is more focused on making several gamer favorities available.

Introducing PlayStation Now

Technological advancements has made it easy for Sony to find a lasting solution to the issue of backward compatibility.

Sony was able to bring a variety of PS2 games to the PS4 through PlayStation Now which enables streaming of older PlayStation games to the PS4 using internet.

The PlayStation Now has a backward streaming subscription allowing you play a selection of titles on your PS4. Sony is making diligent progress in bringing more games to the PS Now catalog.

Of course, it will take time to get all titles on the PlayStation Now as the first PlayStation was released over 20 years ago.

PS Now

Interestingly, the cost of the PS Now is very affordable. Presently, it sells for $19.99 a month and $44.99 for a three-month subscription with about 500 PS3 and PS4 games available.

The PS Now gives you access to several titles a month for the price of one used game. There are already plans in process to have several more options.

The PS Now comes with some advantages over the PS2 and PS3 with its many new exciting features. It makes the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable with better visuals. You also have the opportunity to win trophies from your past titles.

It also gives gamers the luxury to replay favorite games. As a streaming service via the PlayStation servers PS Now needs a steady and fast internet connection.

Remarkably, you can also decide to test drive PS Now by using the seven days free trial option to see if it meets your needs. PS Now can run on select Sony smartphones, PC and MAC.

Rental prices ranging from $1.99 to $19.99 depending on the title and duration of the rental period. Is the lack of PS4 backward compatibility really a problem?

No, thanks to the PS Now game streaming service and Sony’s commitment to increasing the number of available older game titles.

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